We are currently experiencing a new era of disinformation, where the internet, social media, and increasingly sophisticated artificial intelligence systems amplify the dissemination of false news and propaganda. Blasting News Fact Check was established in June 2020 to research new ways to combat online misinformation and is a branch of Blasting News, a collaborative journalism platform known for its innovative approach, where journalists and experts in various fields contribute to the production of content, covering a wide range of topics and offering a pluralistic view of events.

Blasting News is currently operating in six markets and in five languages, publishing more than 4,000 articles a month to an audience of 20 million readers globally. Since 2019 Blasting News has been actively combating misinformation, acquiring valuable expertise through its participation in EU-funded projects such as Eunomia and Fake News Sicily, and international projects like VaxFacts, a NewsGuard campaign to counter hoaxes about COVID-19 vaccines and other healthcare misinformation.

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