Blasting News Fact Check is a branch of Blasting News, a collaborative journalism platform owned by Blasting SA, an independent, private company funded by a number of private shareholders and family offices. Blasting SA is part, in turn, of an international group of companies called Do It Now S.p.A. As a result, business decisions, but not editorial decisions, take shareholder value in mind. Moreover, all the editorial decisions and output are not controlled by any state, political party, or politician.

Blasting News is not financed by a physical person or legal entity connected with local or foreign states or political sources.

Past and present funding:

  • Blasting News was awarded a grant from Google DNI in 2016;
  • Blasting News is included in the consortium that was awarded funding through the Horizons 2020 initiative – with the EUNOMIA “fight against fake news” project;
  • Blasting News, with the University of Palermo, won a project funded by the Sicily Region to address misinformation and tackle fake news;
  • Blasting News raised approximately 3 million euros of equity capital, at different stages of its development;
  • Continuous funding is assured by a business model based on three pillars: advertising, subscriptions, and technology (provided as a SaaS, software as a service). The turnover of Blasting SA is undisclosed, confidential information;
  • Blasting News does not receive sponsorships for news gathering efforts or editorial desks on a regular basis. However, if we do so, we clearly state it in any appropriate place.
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