Blasting News is the leading, independent global social news platform.

Blasting News gives voices to the ones who don’t have them, therefore bringing unbiased and plural perspectives to its engaged audience. Blasting News’ firm belief is that accurate information can be reported only through openness and plurality.

Blasting News has an ambitious objective: to report trustworthy news created by an independent, open community of contributors, ranging from professionals to passionate writers, independently of one’s opinion, angle and views. It is a democratic, but curated, news platform where everyone has a voice.

As a consequence, Blasting News’ mission is:

  • To give to its contributors an international, curated, and professional platform to let their voices be heard.
  • To give to its readers from around the world an independent, authoritative, trustworthy, and unbiased international news platform where they can find a plurality of points of view in the same unique space.

Blasting News is independent.

Blasting News is free from any political, corporate or religious influences. Blasting News encourages different perspectives and views on the same or various subjects. Blasting News does not have a political or economic agenda. It stands for neutrality achieved through openness and plurality. Blasting News’ purpose is to serve a general audience.

Blasting News is open and democratic.

Blasting News does not have a central newsroom office and editorial board in the traditional sense. Our London-based content team is composed of journalists from around the world who act to educate the blasters on best practices and oversee the quality of the content published. We do not believe that a linear and traditional form of publishing can guarantee the quality of our features and do not apply any Editorial pressure on the blasters to write, or not write, about any news articles they wish to produce. We have developed the technology to promote and publish the most interesting and high-quality news from all over the globe.

Blasting News is meritocratic.

Blasting News’ compensation system rewards quality, measured in terms of the engaged readership each news article gets, and in terms of subscriber interest. The compensation scheme is fully disclosed. Our revenue comes from advertisements sold on article pages and, in the near future, from subscriptions.

Blasting News is authoritative and trustworthy.

Blasting News makes a great effort to identify and promote the highest quality news. The quality of the news is guaranteed both by human curations and proprietary algorithms. Curation is done before the publishing of any news. The algorithms play a role both before the news is published and after publication (deciding which news articles to promote and which to keep live without promotion).

Blasting News rewards quality journalism through an innovative, decentralized model.

  • Blasting News is proud to be an independent and open news platform. News articles are submitted for publication by an open community of delocalized, freelance contributors (termed Blasters) spread all around the world to cover a wide variety of topics, from local news to international political crises, from sports to gaming and entertainment.
  • However, openness requires responsibility: only a portion of proposed content is published on Blasting News.
    • After submission, each news article is curated and fact-checked by a team of senior editors (termed Seniors). Seniors decide if each news article is worthy for publication, if it requires additional work, or if it must be rejected.
    • When a news article is approved by a Senior, an additional control step is conducted by the Content Managers—an editorial team consisting of Blasting News internal employees—to further prevent the publication of any clickbait and false news content.
  • After publication, each news article is placed in the most relevant Channels, which are vertical proprietary social networks around niche topics where readers can subscribe and engage with content and other users.
  • The circulation of news articles is further augmented by a global team of distributed digital influencers (termed Social Blasters), which promote the best content to reach the highest engaged audience and to make a definitive impact.

Blasting News is an open, responsible community: it believes in checks and balances.

  • Blasting News is made of an open community of professional journalists, reporters, independent bloggers, writers and storytellers from all over the world. Anybody can be a part of the Blasting News community, no matter their gender, location, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, background, or ideas, as long as they create value for the entire community and follow the rules and guidelines.
  • To become a Blaster, there is not any specific requirement, such as a journalistic education or previous experience as a professional journalist. All that is needed is a passion for writing and having a great story to share with the world. Blasting News welcomes professional journalists, who are a large part of its team and may enjoy complete editorial freedom: Blasting News values any and every perspective.
  • To become a Senior, it is mandatory for individuals to have a professional background in journalism, earned either in a journalistic school or while working professionally in reputable, leading magazines. Professionals interested in becoming Seniors may apply for the role (freelance) by sending their resume to the Blasting News career team. If the CV is valued as appropriate, the professionals will be asked to submit news articles previously published in several different magazines and will undertake an interview process with the Blasting News internal staff. If the process ends successfully, before receiving access to the platform, each Senior must go through an identity verification process.
  • To become a Social Blaster, it is mandatory for an individual to have previous experience in social media, or to prove their ability of being a digital influencer.

Blasting News promotes specialization.

  • To maintain the highest quality news and to offer real insights to its readers, Blasting News promotes specialization. Contributors are welcome to become experts in their areas of interest, therefore adding further value to the Blasting News community. Blasting News promotes Blasters and news content that show expertise, authority, and trustworthiness, by showing a label “Expert in …” within their Blaster profiles, when appropriate.

Blasting News supports the idea that “There is not a good reason for anonymity” (unless there is a real one) - the Digital Identity Project.

As much as Blasting News values each opinion, even the controversial ones (if based on facts and evidences), Blasting News firmly believes that everyone should be responsible for their own words. Blasting News believes in a free web, where every person takes the responsibility for their own voices.

This is why Blasting News started the Digital Identity Project: every contributor will have to give a proof of its real hard identity verified through a hard identification document (such as a passport), not only through the so called social identity.

As soon as the Digital Identity Project is completed, to earn the right to submit content for publication:

  • each contributor will have to submit a copy of his/her passport and a valid phone number
  • Blasting News staff, with the support of artificial intelligence technology, will verify the matching between the contributor’s face and the picture on their personal IDs through their mobile phone. For certain contributors, it will also be requested to assess the individual’s social identity (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter identity)

Contributors will be able to use nicknames while writing on Blasting News, but Blasting News will know the real identity behind the nicknames. However, Blasting News will protect its contributors and never disclose their identities, unless it is requested by a Court and required by the applicable law.

Currently, Blasting News has already verified, through passport checks, all the Seniors contributing to the platform. On November 1st In January 2019, Blasting News started the process to verify Blasters, Social Blasters and Video Blasters, kicking off with the Brazilian market. The process is expected to be fully implemented by January 1st, 2019.

Blasting News is neutral. This is its editorial policy.

  • Blasting News believes plurality is the answer to many of the toughest questions. Blasting News never judges the opinions expressed in the content we publish, but only the legitimacy, accuracy and the factual reality of the content. As a result, Blasting News offers a plurality of points of view, which is unique in the editorial landscape.
  • Consequently, Seniors are neutral. They verify the accuracy of the news articles and the strength of their headlines, but not the points of view, nor the biases that each news article may contain.

Blasting News is passionate for both publishing and technology.

  • Blasting News’ innovative, fully decentralized model is supported by proprietary and patented technology.
  • A large part of Blasting News internal staff is made of extraordinary software engineers.
  • Blasting news is actively researching machine learning and AI.

Blasting News is a key partner of the Eunomia project to determine how likely is a news content to be trustworthy.

Funded under the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement No. 825171, 2018-2021), EUNOMIA will address the following questions:

  • Which social media user is the original source of a piece of information?
  • How this information has spread and been modified in an information cascade?
  • How likely is the information to be trustworthy?

EUNOMIA employs the human-as-a-trust-sensor paradigm, which actively encourages democratic citizen participation by allowing voting on content trustworthiness and influencing the reputation of content generators and sharers. It combines information cascade verification with information trustworthiness scoring, benefitting from blockchain technology to ensure transparency of the scoring process and that information has not been modified in a cascade. EUNOMIA follows the design principles of open-source intermediary-free decentralised social media. It empowers social media users by providing them with tools to improve the quality of information sharing, which in turn can responsibilise them in their engagement with social media. Users will be more certain about the provenance and quality of the content they consume, while the media will be more credible sources of news dissemination, thus challenging the accumulation of power in social media intermediaries, such as Facebook and Twitter. EUNOMIA’s versatility will be evaluated on three use-cases: Social journalism, traditional media and an existing decentralised social media community.

Key milestones.

2013: Founded, in Switzerland.

2014: Started global expansion.

2015: Won the INSEAD startup competition at the INSEAD ALUMNI FORUM EUROPE 2015, awarded by leading investors, entrepreneurs and INSEAD professors.

2016: Moved the headquarter to London (United Kingdom).

2016: Awarded by Google DNI (Digital News Innovation Fund), a European programme part of the Google News Initiative, an effort to help journalism thrive in the digital age.

2017: Reached 100 Million monthly unique on-site visitors.

2017: Set up offices and teams in New York and Sao Paulo.

2018: Exceeded 20,000 original video news published each month and 2,000 contributors active on the platform.

2018: Launched 250+ Channels.

The History.

Blasting News was created in 2013 by Andrea Manfredi, a passionate advocate for truthful, fast-paced journalism. Frustrated with the traditional singularity of a newsroom, Andrea decided to create something different. He hired a handful of freelance journalists mainly focused on news regarding financial and insurance products, and gave them the freedom to embrace their own ideas and opinions. In exchange, he would compensate them according to the number of engaged visitors for their articles on his website.

The freelancers loved the idea and decided to invite more people to write for the website. In less than three months, Blasting News had dozens of contributors, and by June 2013, the website had 2 million monthly unique visitors.

After observing the rapid growth, and to give more diversity for the contributors (now termed Blasters) to write and therefore drive more readership, Andrea and his team decided to organize Blasting News into different categories, including Politics, Finance, Entertainment, and Sports, among others.

Due to the high volume of articles being produced in a short of period of time, seniors editors (now termed Seniors) were hired as curators of Blasting News to check every single article prior to publishing. Seniors were given the power to approve, reject and amend every piece of content to make sure that false, sensationalist and click-baiting news was filtered out. Proprietary technology was also created to detect errors and ensure that the website was free of plagiarism, offensive content, veracity, and any other issues.

In addition to Blasters, and in order to drive more engaged readership to Blasting News, in 2016 social media influencers (now termed Social Blasters) were offered the opportunity to be remunerated for sharing popular content, according to their preferred subjects, to generate more traffic. From that moment on, Blasting News became an all-in-one platform where production and distribution of content work together: where the main goal is to develop systems that promote the dissemination of information.

In 2016, Blasting News won the Google DNI awards.

After reaching 100 million monthly unique visitors in 2017 and growing its user base and content production rate—20,000-25,000 news articles each month and 20,000-25,000 videos each month—Blasting News decided to improve its product and service by creating Channels. Channels are vertical, proprietary social networks around niche topics, where readers can subscribe and engage with content and other readers. With Channels, Blasting News aims to provide its readers with the best content available online around the topics they care about, also by opening its platform to third-party content.

As part of its accelerated growth strategy, Blasting News is also currently branching out and creating new products and tools that will help other publishers, business owners, and Blasters create engaged communities and further enrich their publishing capabilities, especially in the video ecosystem.

Blasting News has grown globally since the very beginning under the motto: “A Global Presence for a Global Coverage”. We believe that Blasting News can have a major positive impact on society if developed globally, connecting people from all around the world in order for them to share different opinions, points of view, and experiences on the most important stories and news unfolding in their communities.

Blasting News has readers in five continents. It reports news in nine countries and six languages. Therefore, to develop a better connection with the markets we operate and understanding of the culture of each country (nonetheless, while better developing our operating business), Blasting News set up five offices spread throughout three continents.

London (HQ)

12 Hammersmith Grove, Hammersmith, London W6 7AP
United Kingdom


Via Fieno, 3 - 20121


Viale dei Santi Pietro e Paolo, 21 - 00144

São Paulo

Avenida Engenheiro Luis Carlos Berrini, 1461 cj. 71, Bairro Monções CEP: 04571-011

Blasting News takes part in many prominent publishing events. These are all great opportunities to connect with the Blasting News team, to share ideas on the future of journalism, the publishing industry, or Blasting News’ business. See below where Blasting News representatives are giving keynote speeches or contributing to panels:


Join our newsletter to get notified on forthcoming events organized by or with Blasting News:


Event: Horasis Global Meeting 2019
Location: Cascais, Portugal
Date: 2019 April, 6th to 9th
Sum-up: "Misinformation and micro-targeting using the Internet as well as the media are global phenomena that can have an unprecedented impact." How can this challenge be tackled? Who can police ‘the truth’? The discussion on the topics laid out took place in the “Cascais Room” on Monday, April 9th 2019 in front of an audience of global opinion makers, CEO’s and serial entrepreneurs. The panel was moderated by Cristi Hegranes (Global Press Institute), and participating members included Duarte Almeida (Chief of Publishing - Blasting News), Sunnie Groeneveld Meijer (Founder & CEO – Inspire 925), Astrid Haug (CEO – Astrid Haug Bureau) and Rob Leslie (CEO & Founder - Sedicii).

Event: Horasis Global Meeting 2018
Location: Cascais, Portugal
Date: 2018 May,7
Sum-up: How can the publishing industry win the war against Fake News? Is branded content a legitimate source of news or just another type of untrustworthy information? Should Facebook be responsible for the content shared on its platform? Can artificial intelligence be a reliable fact checking system either now or in the near future?
These were some of the hard questions discussed on May 7th at the Horasis Global Meeting 2018 by a group of serial media entrepreneurs and well-respected professionals. The occasion was a panel titled “Minimizing Spin, Fake and False News” that had as a Chairman Axel Bugge, Chief Correspondent at Reuters, and as speakers Andrea Manfredi (founder and CEO of the social news platform Blasting News), Luis Correia da Silva (Managing Partner at Think Tour), Olav Zu Ermgassen (Managing Director at Ermgassen & Co.), Hugh Miles (Founder of Arab Digest), Joanne Sawicki (Founder and CEO at Cerescom) Gagik Yeghiazarian (CEO and Co-Founder at PUBLIQ Foundation).

Event: Digital Media Europe 2018 Conference
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Date: 2018 April,11
Sum-up: Andrea Manfredi addressed one of this year’s themes, “How Publishers can make money after the Facebook crash”, along with another international and well-renowned names in the industry, such as Gavi Lahav, Head of Product at Financial Times, and Rebecca Grossman-Cohen, VP, Audience + Platforms at The New York Times, among other speakers who attended the conference.

Event: Ninja Marketing’s conference on Branded Content
Location: Milan, Italy
Date: 2017 November,17
Sum-up: Blasting News took part in the Ninja Marketing’s conference around branded content, hosted in Milan, the most prominent Italian city for innovation and technology. Professionals, marketing experts and journalists came together to debate branded content and its implications for media companies. Along with Andrea Manfredi, Blasting News Founder and CEO, some of the speakers included Marco Gobbi Pansana, Head of Communications at Red Bull, Federico Nejrotti, Editor-in-Chief at Vice Motherboard Italia, and Giulio Gambino, Founder of The Post International.

Event: NOAH London 2017 Internet Conference
Location: London, UK
Date: 2017 November, 3
Sum-up: Blasting News had the opportunity to present at the NOAH London 2017 Internet Conference to a group of leading entrepreneurs, senior executives and global investors. The London-based conference—the most prominent of its kind—hosted over 1,500 senior executives in the European digital industry: internet executives, industry insiders, and investors were given the opportunity at NOAH to share insights on innovative digital concepts and foster key business relationships.

Event: DiG Publishing 2017
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Date: 2017 October, 2
Sum-up: Andrea Manfredi, CEO of Blasting News—the largest social news magazine in the world—joined the roundtable discussion “Publishers: become a platform or die?” at DiG Publishing 2017 in Lisbon this past weekend, discussing strategies to reinvent modern journalism and why content alone is no longer enough.
Location: New York, USA
Date: 2017 July, 21
Sum-up: New York has played host to globally renowned publishers and tech giants with the aim to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing the publishing industry in 2017. Blasting News Founder & CEO Andrea Manfredi attended the Digital Publishing Innovation Summit 2017 to showcase the latest innovations that helped Blasting News grow to 100 million active users faster than Facebook in its start-up phase.

Event: NOAH Internet Conference 2016
Location: London, UK
Date: 2016 November, 11
Sum-up: Blasting News presented its success story—how to go from 0 to 100 million unique on-site visitors in just over 3 years—to leading entrepreneurs, senior executives and investors at the 8th annual NOAH Internet Conference in London on November 11th, 2016. NOAH is "the preeminent European event where Internet CEOs, executives and investors gain deep insights into the latest proven concepts, network with senior executives, and establish new business relationships".

Event: Swiss e-commerce conference
Location: Baden, Switzerland
Date: 2016 November, 2
Sum-up: Blasting News joined the Swiss E-Commerce Conference—with more than 700 anticipated participants from all over Europe—to discuss how to reinvent content creation and enhance user engagement for e-commerce brands and digital businesses. The Swiss E-Commerce Conference has been organized by NetComm Suisse Association.

Event: Founder Forum
Location: New York, USA
Date: 2016 September, 27
Sum-up: Blasting News has been selected to enter the Founders Forum Rising Stars in New York City, "an event - said Jonnie Goodwin of The Telegraph - to honor those individuals who are blazing the brightest trails as tech entrepreneurs.”

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