Blasting News has grown globally since the very beginning under the motto: “A Global Presence for a Global Coverage”. We believe that Blasting News can have a major positive impact on society if developed globally, connecting people from all around the world in order for them to share different opinions, points of view, and experiences on the most important stories and news unfolding in their communities.

Blasting News has readers in five continents. It reports news in nine countries and five languages. Therefore, to develop a better connection with the markets we operate and understanding of the culture of each country (nonetheless, while better developing our operating business), Blasting News set up offices spread throughout three continents.

London (HQ)

12 Hammersmith Grove, Hammersmith, London W6 7AP
United Kingdom


Via Turati, 40 - 20121


Viale dei Santi Pietro e Paolo, 21 - 00144

Blasting News provides news from all over the world and the information you find in this area apply to all the countries Blasting News operates in: