Blasting News mission is:

  • To give to our Blasters an international, curated, and professional platform to let their voices be heard.
  • To give to our readers from around the world an independent, authoritative, trustworthy, unbiased international news platform where they can find a plurality of points of view in the same unique space.

Blasting News has an ambitious objective: to make trustworthy news created by the public independently of one’s opinion, angle and views. A democratic, but curated, news platform where everyone has a voice.

Blasting News is independent.

Blasting News is free from any political, corporate or religious influences. Blasting News encourages different perspectives and views on the same or various subjects. Blasting News does not have a political or economic agenda, it stands for neutrality achieved through openness and plurality. Blasting News purpose is to serve a general audience.

Blasting News is open and democratic.

Blasting News does not have a central newsroom office and editorial board. We do not believe that a linear and traditional form of publishing can guarantee the quality of our features. We have developed the technology to promote and publish the most interesting and high-quality news from all over the globe.

Blasting News is meritocratic.

Blasting News’ compensation system rewards quality, measured in terms of engaged readers each news article gets and in terms of subscriber interest. The compensation scheme is fully disclosed. Our revenue comes from advertisements sold on article pages and, down the line, from subscriptions.

Blasting News is authoritative and trustworthy.

Blasting News makes a great effort to identify and promote the highest quality news. The quality of the news is guaranteed both by human curations and machine learning algorithms. Curation is done before the publishing of any news. The algorithms play a role both before the news is published and after publication (deciding which news articles to promote, to keep live without promotion, or to unpublish).