This section includes the Diverse Voices Statement and Diversity Staffing Report.

As an open community, Blasting News welcomes true diversity in its management and reporting staff.

Blasting News relies on a group of approximately 2,000 passionate freelancers all over the world, with no limitation of race, class, age, gender and geography. We are interested in hearing from different ethnic, civic and business groups in the communities we serve, both at a local level and at a national level. Inclusiveness is at the heart of thinking and acting as journalists. The complex issues we face as a society require respect for different viewpoints. Race, class, age, gender and geography all come with their own unique points of view. Reflecting these differences in our reporting leads to more nuanced and quality stories and a better-informed community. We report openly and honestly about every side of immigration and other aspects of diversity, including race and gender issues.

Furthermore, Blasting News seeks diverse voices in its management staff. We employee professionals from more than 10 different nationalities in our offices in London (headquarters), Milan, New York, Rome and São Paulo.

Blasting News was co-founded by a strong team of professionals already proven in previous start-up ventures.

  • Andrea Manfredi
    Based in London (UK) and New York (US)
    A serial entrepreneur dedicated to innovating digital media and technology. In mid-2013, Andrea founded Blasting News, the largest global social news magazine. Before Blasting News, Andrea founded SuperMoney, currently the third largest price comparison website in Italy. Andrea obtained an MBA from INSEAD in 2005.
  • Andrea Patrucco
    Based in Rome (IT)
    The IT master and commander at Blasting News. He is a highly skilled professional with several years of experience within major telecommunications companies. He trained a team of hungry software engineers fighting everyday with tougher and tougher lines of codes.
  • Dado Lancellotti
    Based in Sao Paulo (BR)
    Distinguished professional involved in successful digital and advertising projects in Brazil. Co-founder of which after almost 5 years has considerably increased its revenues and audience - faster ratio for a mainstream portal in the Brazilian Internet market from zero to 50 million people of coverage. Prior to this he has been involved with digital business startups such as the launching of AOL Brazil;;; Digital Strategy – working for, iG, MSN/Microsoft and Telefonica –; and Virgula, one of the most important and relevant entertainment-cross media portals in Brazil.
  • Linda Iulianella
    Based in London (UK)
    After graduating in PR & Advertising in 2003 at IULM University in Milan, Linda spent several years working in communications and media.
  • Massimiliano Aliverti
    Based in London (UK)
    After graduating from Bocconi University in Milan, he previously worked for Supermoney, a leading Italian price comparison website. He is a technology-enthusiast with a great passion for snowboarding and football.

Employment values.

At Blasting News, attitude and approach are equally as important as skills and are major keys to its success. Each professional working at Blasting News loves to:

  • Be entrepreneurial, proactive, and innovative.
  • Get things done, no matter what.
  • Always apply the principle “The easier, the better.”
  • Never complain: focus on solutions, don’t focus on problems.
  • Lead by example, driving everybody else in the company toward better results.
  • Love positive pressure and new daily challenges.
  • Go beyond the daily assigned tasks.
  • Learn fast.
  • Listen first and be humble.
  • Be strict and fair with colleagues, partner, and clients.

Blasting News understands its readers’ desire to create a direct relationship with its news contributors (Blasters), to learn about expertise and experience, along with potential implicit bias. Therefore, we are committed to providing our readers with all the necessary and relevant disclosures and information about our contributors’ data and expertise. In total, We have a reporting staff of about 2,000 active freelancers.

Blasters (including Video Blasters).
We provide a long set information about our Blasters, including: name and surname, persistent social-media ID, photo, location (where based), languages spoken, areas of expertise, contact details, type of affiliation with Blasting News (Job Title or Role), archive (past articles published on Blasting News), and a brief biography that can potentially include previous employers, educational background, outside interests, ethical decisions (such as political affiliation and community involvement), and any affiliations that may pose conflicts of interest, and how these are handled.

In order to get to know all of its contributors, Blasting News just started the Digital Identity Project: every contributor will have to give proof of his/her real identity verified through a hard identification document (such as a passport). The project is expected to be completed by 1st of January 2019.

All of the above information is accessible on the Blaster’s profile page (which is linked within any news article or video produced by the Blaster), and some of the information is directly accessible on the Blaster’s news article page.

We provide the same information given for our Blasters. However, we internally have much more information which we do not feel is beneficial to disclose to readers, such as: passport (verified through a physical meeting or a video conference call), VAT/National Health ID Number, current phone number, updated CV, proof of current or previous journalistic experiences or journalistic education.

To become a Senior, an academic or professional background in journalism is required, and the individual must be verified by a senior Blasting News representative in a video call. Typically, Seniors have strong backgrounds in journalism, have great writing skills, are experts in their areas of interest, and have shown a deep affinity for Blasting News values, and the community as a whole. Becoming a Senior is a great privilege and a great responsibility.

Social Blasters
We request a long set of information from our Social Blasters which we do not feel is beneficial to disclose to readers, such as: name and surname, persistent social-media ID, location (where based), languages spoken, areas of expertise, contact details, type of affiliation with Blasting News (Job Title or Role).

Blasting News’ compensation is founded on meritocratic principles and is fully transparent. Compensation is based on the number of engaged readers that each news article receives, and on the amount of interest that each news article generates from subscribers. Higher quality news articles typically attract more engaged readership, giving Blasters a higher amount of compensation.

Blasting News uses several internal (proprietary) and external anti-fraud tools to detect fake traffic, bots, or simply unengaged traffic resulting from clickbaiting or other spam-related activities (including pop-unders and site-unders). Driving fake and unengaged traffic to Blasting News is a violation of our policies, does not count towards compensation, and will lead to suspension or expulsion from the Blasting News community.

To calculate the earnings achievable on Blasting News, writers can fill in the table linked below and find out how much they will earn. The fee is calculated on the basis of the number of engaged readers (unique visitors) reached within 30 days from the day of publication of each piece of content. The actual compensation may vary according to the level of readers’ engagement and special temporary bonuses.

Pricing Policy