Blasting News understands its readers’ desire to create a direct relationship with its news contributors (Blasters), to learn about expertise and experience, along with potential implicit bias. Therefore, we are committed to providing our readers with all the necessary and relevant disclosures and information about our contributors’ data and expertise. In total, We have a reporting staff of about 2,000 active freelancers.

Blasters (including Video Blasters).
In order to get to know all of its contributors, Blasting News just started the Digital Identity Project: every contributor will have to give proof of his/her real identity, verified through a hard identification document (such as a passport). The verification of Video Blasters has already been completed. The verification of all the Blasters is expected to be completed by 2020.

All of the above information is accessible on the Blaster’s profile page (which is linked within any news article or video produced by the Blaster), and some of the information is directly accessible on the Blaster’s news article page.

Blasting News has on its own records a long set of information about Reviewers which we do not feel is beneficial to disclose to readers, such as: passport (verified through a physical meeting or a video conference call), VAT/National Health ID Number, current phone number, updated CV, proof of current or previous journalistic experiences or journalistic education.

To become a Reviewer, an academic or professional background in journalism is required, and the individual must be verified by a reviewer Blasting News representative in a video call. Typically, Reviewers have strong backgrounds in journalism, have great writing skills, are experts in their areas of interest, and have shown a deep affinity for Blasting News values, and the community as a whole. Becoming a Reviewer is a great privilege and a great responsibility.

Social Blasters
We request a long set of information from our Social Blasters which we do not feel is beneficial to disclose to readers, such as: name and surname, persistent social-media ID, location (where based), languages spoken, areas of expertise, contact details, type of affiliation with Blasting News (Job Title or Role).

Blasting News provides news from all over the world and the information you find in this area apply to all the countries Blasting News operates in: