Blasting News’ general compensation is founded on meritocratic principles and is fully transparent. Compensation is based on the number of engaged readers that each news article receives, and on the amount of interest that each news article generates from subscribers. Higher quality news articles typically attract more engaged readership, giving Blasters a higher amount of compensation.

To calculate the earnings achievable on Blasting News, writers can fill in the table linked below and find out how much they will earn. The fee is calculated on the basis of the number of engaged readers (unique visitors) reached within 30 days from the day of publication of each piece of content. The actual compensation may vary according to the level of readers’ engagement and special temporary bonuses.

However, Blasting News has a specific compensation for high quality news “you cannot read anywhere else” and investigative pieces.

Blasting News uses several internal (proprietary) and external anti-fraud tools to detect fake traffic, bots, or simply unengaged traffic resulting from clickbaiting or other spam-related activities (including pop-unders and site-unders). Driving fake and unengaged traffic to Blasting News is a violation of our policies, does not count towards compensation, and will lead to suspension or expulsion from the Blasting News community.

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