Blasting SA (IDI CHE-247.845.224) is a Swiss company based in Lugano (Switzerland), via Carlo Frasca 3, 6900.

The Board of Directors of Blasting SA is composed by Andrea Manfredi, founder CEO, and Paolo Dermitzel.

Blasting News Italia is a registered newspaper with number 531 at the Court of Milan (Italy).

Blasting News is committed to transparency in its ownership structure and funding sources. Blasting News cites potential conflicts of interest on the same page as the relevant work.


We are an independent, private company funded by a number of private shareholders and family offices. As a result, business decisions, but not editorial decisions, take shareholder value in mind.


Blasting News is included in the consortium that was awarded funding through the Horizons 2020 initiative – with the EUNOMIA “fight against fake news” project.

Blasting News raised approximately Euro 3.0 Millions of equity capital, at different stages of its development.

Continuous funding is assured by a business model based on three pillars: advertising, subscriptions, and technology (provided as a SaaS, software as a service). The turnover of Blasting SA is undisclosed, confidential information.

Blasting News doesn’t receive sponsorships for news gathering efforts or editorial desks on a regular basis. However, if we do so, we clearly state it in any appropriate place.

Blasting News was awarded a grant from Google DNI in 2016.

Blasting News newsgathering is independent of commercial or political interests.

Blasting News does not accept gifts, including paid travel, to avoid any conflict-of-interest or appearance thereof. When we rely on an organization for a product or access to an event, we are transparent about the relationship and note it within the relevant work.

Blasting News contributors are not directly exposed to advertisers. When contributors are solicited to produce sponsored content for advertisers, we label the relevant content as “sponsored content.”

Blasting SA owns and manages several brands in different business areas.

Dedicated to Content

  • Blasting News, the flagship brand dedicated to mainstream, all-round news.
  • BlastingPop, the first vertical brand dedicated to exclusive content for a younger, international audience mainly engaged around actions in lifestyle, beauty and entertainment.

Dedicated to Technology

  • BlastingCut, the proprietary CMS for videos, available to be licensed as a SaaS.
  • Crowdscape, the proprietary technology for building and managing communities of engaged users (termed “Channels") and new engaged websites, available to be licensed as a SaaS.
  • BlastingTech, the proprietary CMS for news production and publication, core of the Blasting News publishing platform, soon available to be licensed as a SaaS.

At the intersection of Content and Technology

Everything published on Blasting News is protected by international copyright laws. The intellectual property rights of articles and content belong to Blasting SA. The reproduction of any content is permitted only with prior written permission by Blasting SA. If you want to use or revise Blasting News contents, please contact the Blasting News staff.

Disclaimer. Blasting SA is not responsible for and has no responsibility over the content accessed via links placed inside Blasting News and leading to pages outside the site. When indicating suggested personalized pictures for your articles through its CMS, Blasting News uses a number of services, among which the Google Custom Search API. All the results provided are filtered for a Creative Commons license according to the information provided by the providers, among which Google itself. Despite this, Blasting News is merely suggesting possible images, and it is not making any representation that the linked content is actually or lawfully offered under a Creative Commons license. It remains your responsibility to verify the terms under which the content is made available and to make your own assessment as to whether these terms are lawfully applied to the content.