Blasting SA owns and manages several brands in different business areas.

Dedicated to Content

  • Blasting News, the flagship brand dedicated to mainstream, all-round news.
  • BlastingPop, the first vertical brand dedicated to exclusive content for a younger, international audience mainly engaged around actions in lifestyle, beauty and entertainment.

Dedicated to Technology

  • BlastingCut, the proprietary CMS for videos, available to be licensed as a SaaS.
  • Crowdscape, the proprietary technology for building and managing communities of engaged users (termed “Channels") and new engaged websites, available to be licensed as a SaaS.
  • BlastingTech, the proprietary CMS for news production and publication, core of the Blasting News publishing platform, soon available to be licensed as a SaaS.

At the intersection of Content and Technology

Blasting News provides news from all over the world and the information you find in this area apply to all the countries Blasting News operates in: