Blasting News Fact Check publishes a weekly roundup in five languages with the main fake news stories making the rounds on social networks globally. This is in addition to the daily work we already do to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the information shared on the platform, and develop media literacy work with contributors and readers. Blasting News Fact Check is also leading Enlight, a project to build an algorithm to spot false narratives and misinformation with a team of journalists, fact checkers, developers and designers. Moreover, Blasting News Fact Check is building the Anti Misinformation Network (AMN), a university network to study online misinformation and its impacts on society.

In a world where fake news and misinformation spreads ever more easily, Blasting News Fact Check plays a vital role with its wide base of contributors and readers. By checking and exposing false narratives, the platform contributes to building a more informed and empowered society where people can make decisions based on verifiable facts.

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