Blasting News Fact Check is based on a rigorous set of fact checking principles and methodologies, following the highest ethical standards of journalism. Its mission is to examine allegations and information disclosed by individuals, organizations and even media outlets, ensuring that the public has access to verified and reliable information.

To achieve this goal, the Blasting News Fact Check team uses a variety of techniques and tools to corroborate or refute the claims analyzed, such as in-depth research, expert consultations, primary source verification, analysis of relevant data and statistics, official statements and expert opinions.

Transparency is a core value at Blasting News Fact Check. Each fact check is meticulously documented and justified, allowing readers to fully understand the process and logic behind the conclusions reached. In addition, the Fact Check team is always open to feedback and corrections, recognizing that collaboration and continuous learning are essential to constantly improving the service.

Every week, Blasting News Fact Check selects claims to verify using a proprietary algorithm able to spot the most shared false news in our markets (Italy, United States, United Kingdom, Spain, France and Brazil). Because of its participatory nature, Blasting News Fact Check encourages users to send in claims using a dedicated email address ( or our social media. We will evaluate all entries but we will independently decide if the claim is relevant enough to be checked.

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