Blasting News Fact Check welcomes user submissions and actively encourages our readers to participate in the fact-checking process. To ensure clarity and transparency, we've outlined the following guidelines on how users can send in claims for fact-checking and what they can reasonably expect to be fact-checked.

Submission process

Dedicated email: Users are encouraged to send in claims for fact-checking via our dedicated email address:

Social media: Alternatively, claims can also be submitted through our X channel: @BNFactCheck.

We value user engagement and will consider claims received via these platforms.

Evaluation criteria

At Blasting News Fact Check, we uphold the principles of accuracy, fairness and relevance in our fact-checking process. While we evaluate all submitted claims, it's important to note that we will independently assess whether a claim meets the following criteria for fact-checking:

Accuracy: Claims should contain factual assertions or statements that can be objectively verified or disproven. We prioritize fact-checking claims that are clear, specific and impactful.

Relevance: Claims must have a significant impact on public discourse, current events, or our readers' understanding of important topics. Claims that have a direct bearing on issues of public concern will be given higher priority.

What isn't fact-checkable

We want to manage expectations regarding what may not be suitable for fact-checking:

Opinions: Fact-checking focuses on verifying factual claims. We do not fact-check subjective opinions or expressions of personal beliefs.

Predictions and speculation: Claims that are speculative or predictive in nature, rather than based on existing facts, are typically not fact-checkable.

Complex or unverifiable claims: Some claims may involve complex, unverifiable, or unsubstantiated information that cannot be adequately fact-checked.

Please understand that our commitment to fact-checking is aimed at enhancing the accuracy of information available to our readers and fostering informed discussions. We appreciate user engagement and are dedicated to providing reliable, evidence-based information to our audience.

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