Blasting News clearly labels each article under specific vertical categories. In addition, Blasting News labels each article with the type of work it represents:

  • News
  • Opinions
  • Sponsored Content/Advertising (note: Blasters are not allowed to publish any sort of sponsored content unless they get written permission from Blasting News’ central teams in London).

To ensure readers can easily identify these labels, Blasting News:

  • Uses consistent labeling on all articles to indicate the type of work.
  • Uses understandable labelling.
  • Places the labels in a prominent place at the top of articles.

Readers have the opportunity to dispute, respond or otherwise engage with the label of news, analysis, opinion, or paid content. In order to do so, readers can use the feedback link present in every article.

Blasting News provides news from all over the world and the information you find in this area apply to all the countries Blasting News operates in: